Conditions of access
The A-MAZE code package or any parts of it (subroutines of the codes AMRCART, TR3D, and D3NEBEL, NCAR- and AVS/Express (copyright includes Jean Favre) graphic modules) must not be distributed without consent of both authors of the A-MAZE code package.
Use in research:
The A-MAZE code package is freely available for use in research, provided that the copyright notice and associated text is reproduced on all copies.
All other uses:
For uses other than research (including distribution of modified versions) please contact both authors of the A-MAZE code package.
The authors of the A-MAZE code package repudiate any obligation to fix bugs in the A-MAZE code package occuring during its use or preventing its use. The authors are not responsible for any incorrect results, published or unpublished, obtained by the A-MAZE code package or parts of it.
Not a must but most welcome! Send email to one or both of the authors of the A-MAZE code package. Encountered difficulties or bugs? Others may be glad to hear what doesn't work. Did you implement a new problem? Giving credit to you we may include it in A-MAZE so others can profit as well.

Check the pages for the individual codes to find out about estimated memory and CPU requirements. The A-MAZE code package has been extensively used on DEC alpha workstations under Digital Unix and on various flavours of Cray computers (AMRCART only). For the AVS/Express graphics a Silicon Graphics machine is used. AMRCART and TR3D are pure fortran codes and should run on any platform. D3NEBEL has a slight but easily to adapt platforme dependence. Potential users should be aware that also in the sense of reliability the codes are not commercial products. Previous experience in running numerical simulations is, therefore, highly desirable for their use.

How to access
Please fill in this form, specifying which parts of A-MAZE you are interested in.

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Last Update: October 14, 2002