Visualization of nonsteady flow simulations based on adaptive meshes

Visualization of unsteady 3D flow simulations based on adaptive meshes is demanding. In close collaboration with Dr. J. Favre from CSCS, and with the former graphics support group of ETHZ and CSCS, headed by Dr. Ronald Peickert, we came up with modern and fast solutions based on AVS/express and AVS 5.

AVS/express already supports multi-block visualization Jean Favre of the Swiss Center of Scientific Computing, CSCS, has developed a set of modules of the commercial graphics tool AVS/express. These modules allow :

In particular, we are very gratefull for the large effort of Dr. Jean Favre to implement our adaptive multi block data into the AVS/express graphics package.

Examples of visualization using adaptive meshing
grids.297.gif grids.367.gif grids.382.gif grids.421.gif
density.297.gif density.367.gif density.382.gif density.421.gif
All simulations use multi-zone grids with up to 5 levels of hierarchical refinement. Four different time steps show here the adaptive grid refinement. (zooming at level 4). We see the grids' bounding boxes and the corresponding density contours.


Jean M. Favre, Rolf Walder, and Doris Folini
Visualization of Astrophysical Data with AVS/Express,

CRAY User Conference, Stuttgart, 1998.
Available as a 650KB gzipped postscript file.

Jean M. Favre,
Accelerating the AVS/Express multi-block visualization macros,

10th IEEE Visualization Conference, Late Breaking Hot Topics,
San Francisco, USA (October 1999).
Available as a PDF.

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