Rama Metha

About the author:

Rama Metha was born in Nainital, India, in 1923. She was one of India's foremost sociologists as well as a prolific novelist. The first woman to be appointed to India's foreign service, she was forced to resign her post upon marriage. Ramam Mehta lived with her husband in Udaipur, where her novel 'Inside the haveli' is set. Rama Metha died in 1978.

Books by Rama Metha:

Inside the haveli

Inside the haveli

The following text is taken from the jacket of 'inside the haveli'.
When Geeta, an educated, outgoing young woman from Bombay, marries into a staunchinglz tradiational family, she suddenly finds herself forced to live in purdah in her husband's ancient home, the haveli. Unable to escape from the conservative customs that now define her life, Geeta struggles to hold on to the modern values she has grown to cherish. Can she discover new meaning and dignity in what at first seems to her a strange and stultifying existence?
The award-winning 'Inside the haveli' was first published in India in 1977. Now recognised as a contemporary classic, it is a novel of deep intimacy and authenticity.

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