Hugo Loetscher

Another author which, to my knowledge, has not been translated into English so far. That is why I have decided to stick to German as well for most of this page.

About the author:

Yet to come. Sorry.

Books by Hugo Loetscher:

Die Fliege und die Suppe
Vom Erzählen erzählen
Herbst in der grossen Orange
Der Waschküchenschlüssel
oder Was - wenn Gott Schweizer wäre

Der Immune
Die Papiere des Immunen
Die Kranzflechterin

Der Waschküchenschlüssel

Curiouse about life in Switzerland? Get here a first impression. A collection of amusing, amiable stories about different aspects of Switzerland. But be aware, the stories may bite!

Die Fliege und die Suppe

'The fly and the soupe' is probably my favourit. A collection of short stories, each of which deticated to another of a total of 34 different animals. Cats, rats, flys, the fish living in his private deep sea on the third floor of an appartment block, mules, magic rabbits, robins, but also the highly artistical Binturong - which is artistical only when not being watched. Well known animals and others, each seen in a special light. Very rewarding to read.


In his novel 'Noah', published in 1967, Loetscher tells us the story of a man who pushes the economic situation to new hights with his plan to built the ark. Nobody believes seriously in the comming flood, but everybody makes bussines on the issue. The ecconomy prospers before finally all sorts of scandals dominate the scene. Not only in bussines life, but also in culture the ugly companions of the booming ecconomic situation become apparent. Noahs situation becomes more and more severe for a variety of resons so that finally somebody can say: "Now only the Deluge can save him". (Text adapted from the jacket of the book.)

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